About Toronto Seikatsu Support (TSS)

What is TSS?

Toronto Seikatsu Support (TSS) is a social business with two purposes. The first is to support Japanese students in Toronto with their Seikatsu (daily life). The second is to assist Canadians interested in learning Japanese or to visit Japan.

Why TSS?

Spending many years in the Japanese community in Toronto, I realized that a lot of Japanese students had many similar worries and frustrations. They would go back to Japan, and the next students would repeat what they did. Meanwhile, I was always in Toronto.

Because I had been studying Japanese for over 8 years and even lived in Japan for 10 months on a Working Holiday, I wanted to have a job where I could use Japanese, and where I could directly help people in front of me.

And so, at the end of 2017, I decided to create Toronto Seikatsu Support. My mission is to help these students and the Japanese community in any way I can, through teaching, coaching, counseling, so that they can hopefully have at least a slightly easier and an even more enjoyable time during their stay in Toronto.

Rudo, Founder





LINE ID: tss.line
電話: 647-247-9424
メール: rudo@torontoseikatsu.ca